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Welcome on Banque Transatlantique's' dedicated website to the management of your stock options, RSUs, SARs, and all other share plans.

Depending on your profile, as well as the plan administration process agreed with your company and detailed in your 'Participant' guide or communication, you can access:

  • Your personal Portfolio:

    Through this access you will be able to review and manage all your individual grants. You can easily login by using your access codes (login and password) in the upper left window TransatPlan: Log in.
    Attention: Depending on the administration process set up with your company (please refer to previous instructions) it might be necessary to complete your share plan account opening procedure to trigger the sending of you access codes.

  • A General Information Website :

    These pages will provide essential information on your share plan schemes.
    You can easily login by using the access code provided to you by your company here below.

    General Information Website :  

Access Information

Should you have any trouble in accessing our websites or should you have any question related to your personal portfolio or management procedures, please contact our Stockplan Premier team:

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2017 French Market Calendar: closed days
Day Date
Vendredi Saint 14/04/2017
Lundi de Pques 17/04/2017
Fête du travail 01/05/2017
Noël 25/12/2017
Lendemain de Noël 26/12/2017
2017 US Market Calendar: closed days
Day Date
New Year's Day 02/01/2017
MartinLuther King, Jr.Day 16/01/2017
Washington's Birthday/President's Day 20/02/2017
Good Friday 14/04/2017
Memorial Day 29/05/2017
Independence Day 04/07/2017
Labor Day 04/09/2017
Colombus Day 09/10/2017
Veterans Day 10/11/2017
Thanksgiving Day 23/11/2017
Christmas 25/12/2017
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